Both On Board

Hi! We are Ray Gonzalez and Christy Risco and we are a couple who are obsessed with figuring out new ways of showing up to Life AND to Business that feel authentic and expansive.

Our goal is to give you a framework, along with real-life examples, of what we learned and incorporated into our journey in the last 10 years that helped us develop at a much more rapid pace in the direction we wanted to go in, rather than continuing to hit our heads against a brick wall.

We'll guide you on how to get on board with each other as a couple while also staying true to yourself to co-create a Lifestyle and a Business that serves you, rather than you constantly serving it.
Both On Board

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Becoming a "Lifeonaire," Ep #38
43 minutes

Becoming a "Lifeonaire," Ep #38

Are you Living a Legacy? Ep #024
38 minutes

Are you Living a Legacy? Ep #024

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