Bread + Roses

Bread + Roses is a podcast where we explore different areas of work and how they affect health. We find work and workers fascinating and want to demystify 'work' and build connections between different types of workers because we are all dealing with a lot of the same issues and can unite in our fight for fair wages, healthy working lives, and happy home lives.

The term “Bread and Roses” is a union slogan used during the 1912 textile strike by Helen Todd who said they were striking for their bread, but they wanted roses too, meaning they were fighting for a living wage and dignified working conditions which allowed them to live good lives in and outsides of their work.

Want to contribute to the 'So, what do you do?' segment? Record an audio file answering the following questions and send it to [email protected].

1. What is your first name and where are you from?

2. So what do you do?

3. How much do you make?

4. Walk us through your day from start to finish. 

5. How can 'we' make your job easier? 

6. What is something that makes you proud about your work? 

7. In terms of your health and happiness, what is the worse part of your work?
Bread + Roses

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