Breaking Out Of The Box - A Consciousness Experiment

A podcast with content that changes over space and time? Is it abstract art or a quantum puzzle? Join neuroscientist, artist, and mystic, #Dr_C on a mind bending and esoteric consciousness journey as an acoustic art experiment for your ears. Hear thought provoking works on the nature of reality, parallel universes, and quantum leaping. Explore your subconscious mind with sound journeys. Find clues in playful quantum puzzles to help you quantum travel.

For more of Dr. C, look for @sacredjourneyproductions. Episodes may vary depending on where you are in the time space continuum. Support this podcast:
Breaking Out Of The Box - A Consciousness Experiment

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The Nature of Desire
31 minutes

The Nature of Desire

Secret Sauce of Manifestation
12 minutes

Secret Sauce of Manifestation

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