Business Black Belt®

I’m Burke Franklin, and after 35+ years in business helping new and established businesses raise capital and gain higher success, I wanted to engage others to share their insights as well.

I hate it when good products, companies or people fail!

Building a successful business and being a mindful and responsive entrepreneur is an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bootcamp.

Yet, few things are more rewarding and gratifying than succeeding with your own ideas and making a difference in the world.

In these Business Black Belt podcasts, I interview successful investors, experts in business development, financing, marketing or management, and entrepreneurs who offer some enlightened insights into building your business... Ideas you can implement immediately.

You can learn a lot from these interviews with these innovative thought leaders.

So... if you have a vision and are inspired to do something...
And if you want to build a profitable business doing what needs doing in
our world...
I think you'll enjoy listening to what these people can teach you!

Welcome to the Business Black Belt podcast!

Business Black Belt®

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