Canine Conversations - Dog Training Podcast

Canine Conversations tackles just about everything dog related: dog training, dog health, owning a dog, dog behavior problems, competitive dog sports, what to feed, rescue dogs, shelter dogs, talks with other dog lovers and so much more.

Hosted by Robert Cabral, master trainer and behavior specialist. Robert has trained and worked with thousands of dogs through his work with Bound Angels at shelters throughout the US. He has also trained and titled competitive obedience and protection dogs worked with countless pet dogs with clients and has shown dogs in AKC, IPO, Mondio Ring - covering obedience, protection, conformation and more.

The guests and conversations are always engaging, interesting and fun to listen to. Robert is a dog lover first and foremost and speaks about creating a better life for dogs in each podcast.
Canine Conversations - Dog Training Podcast

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