Check-ins with Jess

How many times a day does someone ask “hey you, how are you REALLY doing?” I’m guessing not very many if at all. This podcast will be a safe space to check in with yourself, see how you’re actually doing and evaluate your life. Every week I will be giving you tools leading you closer to living living your life to the fullest rather than just surviving the day to day. I will also be your personal hype girl cheering you on as I ask you to take the hard steps, dig deep, and do the work because I believe in you. You got this girl!
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Check-ins with Jess

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19. I'm BACK! Podcast Revamp
19 minutes ·

19. I'm BACK! Podcast Revamp

Check-ins with Jess Trailer
2 minutes ·

Check-ins with Jess Trailer

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