Choosing Simple

Modern day life can be hard to navigate. But even a simple homestead life can be, well, not so simple. In the Choosing Simple podcast, author, mama, and homesteader, Amy K. Fewell of The Fewell Homestead, talks about embracing raw emotions, and real life, in moments of motherhood, womanhood, and her homesteading lifestyle. Simplicity doesn't just happen, it's a choice we have to make every single day. So whether you're a tired mama washing dishes at 11 p.m., or a woman gardener battling bugs, this podcast is for you. Let's talk about real life. Let's talk about choosing simple. Support this podcast:
Choosing Simple

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S1 E7: God in the Waiting
33 minutes

S1 E7: God in the Waiting

Choosing Simple (Trailer)
1 minutes

Choosing Simple (Trailer)

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