Climate Correction™ - A Climate Change Podcast

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David S. Vogel is a world-renowned data scientist and predictive modeler. He has won the prestigious KDD Cup several times and the Heritage Health Prize in 2013. His wife, Thais Lopez Vogel, an attorney, manages VoLo Foundation. Together, they are raising six kids. David's research led them to become aware of the devastating economic impact of human reliance on uncapped fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases. They knew they had to do something - for their kids and future generations.

VoLo Foundation exists to be the bridge between the science community and everyone else. The Foundation's work accelerates change and global impact by supporting science-based climate change solutions, enhancing education, and improving health.

Climate Correction™ is the premier climate solutions event in the Southeast. The mainstage event brings top minds in climate solutions to one stage. Now, their cutting-edge research and solutions-focused education are available for streaming all year long on VoLo's Climate Correction Podcast.

Podcast Host Shannon Maganiezin is part of VoLo's robust and talented Communications team. She previously hosted GIVE - A Philanthropy Podcast.

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Climate Correction™ - A Climate Change Podcast

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