Cold War Conversations

Award-winning real stories of the Cold War told by those who were there. Every week we interview an eyewitness of the Cold War.
Across soldiers, spies, civilians, and others, we aim to cover the whole range of Cold War experiences. Hosts Ian Sanders, James Chilcott, and Peter Ryan bring your ears into the heart of the Cold War.
Reading a history book is one thing, but hearing a human voice, with every breath, hesitation and intonation brings a whole new dimension to understanding what it was like to be there.
We cover subjects such as spies, spying, the Iron Curtain, nuclear weapons, tanks, jet aircraft, fighters, bombers, transport aircraft, aviation, culture, and politics.
We also cover personalities such as Fidel Castro, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, Mikhail Gorbachev., Constantin Chernenko, Margaret Thatcher, John F. Kennedy, Stalin, Richard Nixon, Lech Walesa, General Jaruzelski, Nicolae Ceau葯escu.
Other subjects include Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, West Berlin, East Berlin, Cuban missile Crisis, Berlin Airlift, Bay of Pigs, SALT, Perestroika, Space Race, superpower, USSR, Soviet Union, DDR, GDR, East Germany, SDI, Vietnam War, Korean War, Solidarno艣膰, Fall of the Wall, Berliner Mauer, Trabant, Communist, Capitalist, Able Archer, KGB, Stasi, STB, SB, Securitate, CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6, Berlin Wall, escape, defection, Cuba, Albania, football, sport, Bulgaria, Soviet Union, Poland, China, Taiwan, Austria, West Germany, Solidarity, espionage, HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT, IMINT, GEOINT, RAF, USAF, British Army, US Army, Red Army, Soviet Army, Afghanistan, NVA, East German Army, KAL007, T-72, T-64, Chieftain, M60
The podcast is for military veterans, those interested in Cold war history, museums, bunkers, weapons, AFVs, wargaming, planes, A Level, GCSE students
Cold War Conversations

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Growing up in the Stasi town (278)
48 minutes

Growing up in the Stasi town (278)

The Bridge of Spies spy (273)
81 minutes

The Bridge of Spies spy (273)

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