Create New Patterns

After more than 20 years building a life together, Aaron and Dalila Copeland ditched their successful Fortune 500 careers to live around the world, rediscover their true Selves, and learn what it means to live a fulfilled life. The Create New Patterns podcast is all about motivating and pushing people to create new positive patterns in their lives and move closer to finding true happiness. Each episode will discuss key topics that Aaron and Dalila have found important in their journey, experiences they have had along the way, and steps you can take to implement these things in your life. If you are struggling to overcome the not-so-positive things in life, and are ready to make positive changes now, then this podcast is for you! Join our email list today and visit our blog at the Create New Patterns website, on Instagram @createnewpatterns.evolve, on Twitter @CNP_Podcast, and on Facebook @CreateNewPatterns! We would love to hear your comments and any ideas you have for future topics.
Create New Patterns

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