Debt Talk

Talking about debt is more important than ever before, especially in times of the cost of living crisis.

I am sure you have received a letter in the post asking you to get a credit card; or you have seen adverts on the TV or Google about different types of loans offered to you - subject to credit check. You only hear about debt when you are personally struggling financially.

There are also regulatory changes or changes in the types of debts the sector deals with in recent times compared to just consumer credit debts. A debtor who seeks advice may also have other issues to resolve: domestic abuse, gambling, and benefit problems to just name a few.

The series of Debt Talk podcasts are here to explore the views of a diverse range of communities - from debt collections, enforcement agents, and alternative lenders to debt advice charities- and understand the support need of debtors in such a challenging time.

Ripon Ray has been working in the debt advice sector for over 12 years. He is also a frequent debt expert on the BBC. More on Ripon Ray here:
Debt Talk

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