Dive Bomb Squadcast

Dive Bomb Industries was established in 2011 to provide waterfowl hunters with ultra-high quality products at an unbeatable price with unmatched customer service. Fast-forward 10 years & we are the fastest growing waterfowl decoy company on the planet.

Dive Bomb Squadcast was created for both novice & veteran waterfowlers. As we all know, this sport can be very humbling & there is always something new to learn. Our goal with this podcast is to not only give you a deeper look inside Dive Bomb Industries, but to help you be more successful in the field by properly utilizing our products with the help of industry professionals. We will discuss our travels in-depth & the equipment used. We will talk about what worked, what didn't work, & any adjustments that had to be made. We will bring guests on the show from around the world to talk about how they utilize their Dive Bombs & the things that have helped them become more successful. We will discuss new products, funny stories from the road, hear from guests involved in the waterfowl industry & much more!

Listen along as we give you a glimpse inside the lives of the #DIVEBOMBSQUAD.
Dive Bomb Squadcast

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