Doing CX Right‬ with Stacy Sherman

Stacy Sherman shares customer experience (CX) leadership best practices and interviews business experts to provide actionable tips so you gain a competitive advantage beyond price. You'll learn about leading effectively to retain engaged employees who deliver customer excellence, workforce trends, marketing, and experience management to succeed in a world run by human hearts and AI robots. It's all merging. We have a lot to learn together. 

Besides helping you thrive and innovate in business, you’ll also hear personal stories, challenges overcome, and lessons learned to inspire you to show up as your best self and create better experiences for others. You have a CX job, whether you realize it or not, so start Doing CX Right.

About Stacy Sherman:
Award-winning keynote speaker, podcaster, author, and advisor on a mission to inspire better customer experiences so that REAL loyalty, connections, and satisfaction exist globally. View Stacy's bio, blog, videos, Forbes articles, and more at
Doing CX Right‬ with Stacy Sherman

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