Don't Say...with Paul & Dave

DON’T SAY…WITH PAUL & DAVE is a comedy podcast in which two old friends, Paul Greenberg (Vacant Lot, Random Play) & Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, Dr. Ken, Newsradio), who also happen to be Canadians offer Americans a respite from, and a guarantee, that this is the one place you won’t hear that most unseemly word, “c*nt”. It’s a 45 minute stream of consciousness journey, peppered with enjoyable music and legal advice from the talented Eban Schletter (Spongebob Squarepants, Stan Against Evil, & an actual lawyer), commentary from their wives, Jackie Harris Greenberg (Random Play, Curb Your Enthusiasm) & Crissy Guerrero (C & C Variety Hour, El Vez) and, often, a surprise guest as the icing on the cake. And by surprise, we mean Paul and Dave have no idea who is going to show up! No agenda, no boundaries and no “c” word. Don’t Say… with Paul and Dave.

Recorded at The Netherota Studio in Los Angeles, CA
Produced by Crissy Guerrero

Engineered by Eban Schletter
Opening song:

Regal Regalia by Eban Schletter
Closing song:

See You Next Tuesday by Eban Schletter, vocals by Crissy Guerrero
Don't Say...with Paul & Dave

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Live from Sketchfest! - Ep.01
55 minutes ·

Live from Sketchfest! - Ep.01

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