Every Photo Tells... Tainted Roses

TAINTED ROSES: Death To The Mind
by Mark Kilfoil

Datria and Priscilla are a mother-daughter sabotage team, travelling the galaxy, visiting stunning cities and blowing holes in most of them. It may seem excessively violent, but the pay is good. After a successful trip to the city of Teal to neutralise the local authorities, the saboteurs escape a trail of destruction in a stolen spaceship. The "Tainted Rose" is not just any old ship, though. It belonged to the Governor of Teal and it comes with a stowaway: the Governor's daughter.
No sooner has Priscilla discovered their uninvited guest, than Datria receives news of their next job. Can they find out the secrets of the MechaMan project and bring the mighty FlexiTel to its corporate knees before Datria throws their visitor out the airlock?

"Tainted Roses", written by Mark Kilfoil of the Weird Show podcast, was inspired by a photograph on the Every Photo Tells… podcast and was produced by EPT hosts Katharina Maimer and Mick Bordet.
Every Photo Tells... Tainted Roses

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