Stoic Strength Training

Here’s the big idea: Exercise, when done right, is THE fundamental self-improvement practice.

When you focus on training your mind as you condition your body you change what's possible with exercise.

Now you're training the strength that matters: the strength of your character. This is true strength training.

This is the strength to give your word and keep it. This is the strength to make a plan and follow through. This is the strength to get up when you've been knocked down.

Physical strength is a circumstance, just like all the other circumstances you face. It comes and goes, fate permitting.

True strength is an act of imagination and will. True strength is a choice that's all yours to make.

Learn to train your true strength and your circumstances won't matter.

I’m Korey Samuelson. My mission is to change why and how you exercise.
Stoic Strength Training

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