Fails, Falls, & F-Ups

To the outside observer, success can seem like an unattainable goal that only those chosen by the grace of fate can enjoy. Rarely do we get to see behind the curtain at the broken wreckage we call "failures" that the scaffolding these successes are built upon. However, I love the idea of mistakes and failures. A quick look at my life will illustrate that fact, and I want to talk about it.

On Fails, Falls, & F-Ups, I interview amazing, successful people about all the times they were amazingly unsuccessful. We probe the scabs and the scars, we fall and we fail and we pick ourselves right back up and go at it again. These aren't stories about winning, they are about how losing has shaped our ability to grow and succeed. These are tales about meeting adversity with grace, or determination, or humor... Whatever you need to get you over that hump.
On this show, we don't refuse to lose, we embrace it.
Fails, Falls, & F-Ups

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Chipping away at Chef Al Romano
36 minutes

Chipping away at Chef Al Romano

Meet the Other Lindsay Graham
39 minutes

Meet the Other Lindsay Graham

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