Film Addicts: AFI Top 100

Share in our love, hatred, passion, and near-unhealthy addiction to the form of art known as the motion picture. In this podcast, we discuss, debate, and grade the American Film Institute Top 100 Greatest American Films of All Time. Do these movies deserve to stay on the list or fall off into obscurity? Join our three hosts – Greg, an entrepreneur and modern movie extraordinaire, Ihsan, a classic film buff and fact machine, and Paul, the everyday big screen fan, as they embark on a journey from Ben-Hur to Citizen Kane. Starring Greg, Paul, Ihsan. Edited by Ihsan. Produced and Graphic Design by Ayla. Sound Engineered by ZW Wiggins. Original Music by Smellblind. Find more of their music at
Film Addicts: AFI Top 100

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Film Addicts: AFI Top 100

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