Finding God In Our Hearts with Msgr. Don Fischer

At a particular time in our evolution, God chose to enter into our world and a story was born. It has been carefully written, proclaimed and pondered. It possesses the power to awaken a knowing that has always been in us…the ability to experience the God who is, and to know a love that exceeds all others.

Msgr. Don was ordained a Catholic priest in 1967. His preaching ministry grew beyond his parish work, and in 1987 began a Sunday radio broadcast that ran for 36 years on WRR in Dallas, TX. He has never tired of pondering the story, and admits the God he knew at his ordination, has little in common with the God he has discovered.

Pastoral Reflections institute is non-profit located in Dallas, TX dedicated to enriching your spiritual journey.
Finding God In Our Hearts with Msgr. Don Fischer

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