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Your Ideal Body isn’t dictated by superficial beauty standards. Nor does it have anything to do with changing your body so you’ll feel accepted by others or deemed beautiful and worthy by society.

Your Ideal Body isn’t even a what - it’s a when. It’s the body you’re in when you’re no longer obsessing over your food and body. It’s when you’re comfortable and confident in your own skin. And it’s when you’re living your full life experience without fear of judgement from others or from yourself.

For the last decade, thought leaders and world-class transformation coaches, Tony and Deanna Schober, have been plugging people into their Ideal Body Formula™ so they can ditch diet culture and naturally achieve their own unique Ideal Body by improving their relationships with food, body, exercise, and mind.

From Tony’s binge eating disorder and debilitating body image struggles, to Deanna’s food and body obsession and yo-yo dieting, they’ve been there and done that. And now they’re helping others overcome these same struggles.

Show topics include:

emotional eating
weight concerns
intuitive eating
limiting beliefs
body acceptance
binge eating
body image
exercise empowerment
healthy eating
habit change
success mindset
mindful exercise
active lifestyle
body shame

So check an episode out that resonates with you and get ready to have your life change.

You can connect with Tony and Deanna on Instagram…

Tony: @tony.schober
Deanna: @deannaschober
Fitness & Sushi

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213. How to Stop Fearing Carbs
49 minutes ·

213. How to Stop Fearing Carbs

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