Free Email List Building Course with Jenna Kutcher

Welcome to the Free Email List Building Course podcast, I’m your host and new professor, Jenna Kutcher. I’m a digital marketing expert, the host of The Goal Digger Podcast, Queen of Simplification, and a girl who believes that growing an email list is the #1 method to drive profits for your business… without even breaking a sweat.

I didn’t always have a list, in fact, just a few years ago I was in your shoes -- no strategy, no thriving list, and nowhere to go but up! Now? I am lucky enough to drop into hundreds of thousands of inboxes on a weekly basis and even luckier that you chose this podcast to help you start your email list.

I designed this course to take you under my email-obsessed wing and teach you how start, launch, grow, AND scale your own list.

Want tech tutorials and video walk-throughs? Head to, where you can access the free online version of this course.
Free Email List Building Course with Jenna Kutcher

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