Funding Your Healthcare Vision

Welcome to the Funding Your Healthcare Vision podcast, the only podcast focused on helping visionary leaders of health centers & practices聽 to secure grants, contracts and other funding to strengthen, scale & sustain their vision, mission & impact to support under-resourced communities of color

I鈥檓 your host Dr. Omolara, 20 year pediatrician, CEO of my own multi-practice health network and fundraising expert, raising over 3 million to-date and counting.聽 I definitely know firsthand the challenges that come with financially sustaining quality healthcare for marginalized communities.聽

In each episode, we'll bring you insights and advice from myself and other community health leaders who have successfully聽 secured funding for their organizations

From navigating the grant application process to building relationships with funders, we'll help you elevate your funding strategy to bring more money to support your mission.聽

So if you're ready to take your health organization to the next level, welcome to your funding secret weapon.

Funding Your Healthcare Vision

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