Give God an Inch...

Each week we will hear the sermon preached by Rev. Tiffany Keith and then after the sermon, we will reflect on the theological foundation of the sermon, the process of creating it, and the laughs and tears it brought. It is a time to dig deeper into possibilities, to be more creative, and courageous with the story we call our own. If you want to learn more about Tiffany and her Heartstrings worship service, check out Tiffany (

Tiffany is a United Methodist pastor, ordained as an elder in full connection in 2017. She is appointed in the heart of Colorado Springs as an associate pastor at First United Methodist Church. She has two worshipping communities, The Edge – a dinner church driven by the power of personal story, and Heartstrings – Bluegrass. Worship. Wild Hearts. She is excited about studying scripture, writing and preaching, and creating a community of people living in courage and faith.
Give God an Inch...

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