Fifty plus years ago, James Rado, Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermont combined forces to create a musical that would go on to change the cultural fabric of the modern world. Today, we build upon that rich history with a series of interviews featuring those who originally brought the message of peace and love to life, eight performances a week; the cast and crew. Together we will discover how they became involved with the show, how it impacted their life and learn where their lives led them after their final sun shone in. Please join us as we travel back down that road of beads, flowers, freedom and happiness with HAiR: the american tribal love rock podcast.

Hosted by Matthew Herrmann and produced in association with The HAIR Company (Michael Butler, Matthew Herrmann, Conwell Worthington, Jon Cutler and Jeanne Cutler) with special assistance by Nina Machlin Dayton at the HAIR archives

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