Healthy Software Developer

Ever been on a software team and noticed how stressful and complex it gets? Does it feel like keeping up with the demands of your tech job makes it really hard to have a life outside of work?

Hi I'm Jayme, and I've been struggling for 25 years to keep a healthy work/life balance on software development teams. With so many problems in our industry, the more money I made the more ridiculous people's expectations were.

So I鈥檓 sharing what I鈥檝e learned to keep you from getting burned out or stuck on dead end projects. You鈥檒l get practical tips on agile development, influencing people, and having healthy habits to keep you calm and growing.

Over my career I started coaching teams on devops, scrum, kanban, and software architecture. But people were always the problem - including sometimes myself.

This podcast is a log of my insights and mistakes on the journey to finding healthy ways for people to build software. Subscribe and join us - let鈥檚 help each other grow a community of healthy software developers!

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Healthy Software Developer

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The De-Corporatization of Jayme
10 minutes

The De-Corporatization of Jayme

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