Hello Wonderful Podcast

We have funny. We have heart. Join the host, clinical psychologist, Dr. Terry Dornak PsyD (a member of the Queer Community herself) as she interviews a new guest from the queer community each week as they tell a story from their life. We want to fight and break stigma and stereotypes about the Queer/LGBTQ+ community with our stories. Storytelling has power, and It is the power of others that has created stigma and stereotypes. It is time we take back the power that has been taken from the Queer community. We are currently crowdfunding on kickstarter!!!! Donate here: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/hellowonderfulpodWe appreciate all support!!!More information is available at www.hellowonderfulpodcast.com

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Hello Wonderful Podcast

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Plants Have Magical Powers!
40 minutes ·

Plants Have Magical Powers!

Queer Wonders of the World!
49 minutes ·

Queer Wonders of the World!

Hello Wonderful  (Trailer)
1 minutes ·

Hello Wonderful (Trailer)

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