Holy Trash

Have you been burned by religion? Are you tired of toxic theology and mindsets that have kept people and society from moving forward? Then this podcast is for you! We're just 3 women on a journey to discover the deeper truths about life, God, the universe, and the "why's" behind it all. We aren't afraid to go deep and we don't hold back from asking the hard questions through raw conversation. Our hope is to spark a conversation in you and give you permission to think beyond the confines of how our society, religion, and upbringing have conditioned us to think- to inspire self-reflection that leads to more freedom and healing for your journey. Every week we will pick one toxic mindset or belief to "throw in the trash." Join us as we dive deep into discovering our most authentic selves.Follow us on Instagram and be the first to know about new episodes and content coming up! @holytrashpodcast
Holy Trash

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