How to Build an Online Business

The ultimate guide to launching and growing a business online. You’ve got a crazy idea, a hobby, a business or special expertise. You want to take it online, and you want to it be a money-making success. But what do you do next? Best-selling author and digital marketing specialist Bernadette Schwerdt (How to Build an Online Business and Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs) uncovers the inside tips and tricks that Australia’s most successful online entrepreneurs use to build their multi-million dollar businesses. This series will help you identify the best business ideas to pursue, guide you on how to set it up and give you the strategies to grow it quickly using low-cost tools. For those with existing businesses, you’ll learn how to maximise your online impact and access the little-known but powerful tools and technologies the top disruptors use to create a global presence. Featuring interviews with some of Australia’s most successful disruptors, Bernadette reveals the underlying patterns common to all successful online businesses – what they did right, what they did wrong, what they would do differently and the short cuts to building an online business that only the successful know

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How to Build an Online Business

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