How to Change the World

When we think of change, we tend to think of the end result - the big, visible thing that is really different from how it started. But in reality, change is the culmination of thousands of moments over time. The seeds of the next decade’s huge changes in our world are being sown today. How to Change the World features interviews with the people that are sowing those seeds.

Through conversations with all kinds of people in a wide range of jobs and industries we take a microscopic look at what it takes to make change. We look at why change is sometimes feared and at other times celebrated, what it takes to have a change-focused mindset and how we can be creating tomorrow’s change today.
How to Change the World

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Ep. 152 - 10 Years of Javelina
41 minutes ·

Ep. 152 - 10 Years of Javelina

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