How To Pretend To Like Sports

Let鈥檚 be real, you have absolutely no interest in sitting through a 4-hour sports talk show, butttt it would be nice to at least participate in the conversation when sports get brought up....

Well, welcome to 'How to Pretend to Like Sports' - a podcast that gives you just the right amount of what you need to know to talk sports - no game watching required.

Each week, your sports bestie, Monica, breaks down sports headlines from college football to F1 race day fashion. To keep it balanced, Monica also shares a healthy dose of unfiltered thoughts on living your best millennial life...from fashion to dating and dog mom life.

Whether it鈥檚 small talk before a meeting at the office or chatting it up at the game watch party, you鈥檒l have conversation starters and relevant topics in your back pocket, so you can pretend to like sports - without really liking sports.

You can expect the sports news you鈥檒l actually care about, game day fashion recs, life in your 30s and the occasional (ok weekly) unsolicited advice.

Welcome to YOUR favorite game day ritual - HTPTLS with Monica.
How To Pretend To Like Sports

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