Inner Light Project®‬ : New Age Spirituality

Inner Work Expert and Trauma Coach, Gurds Hundal is a dynamic voice for the modern generation of highly achieving and highly sensitive women. In her podcast, she shares inspiring stories from self-healing experts, who have healed their life and trauma and now help others to do the same. This show is more of a chat with friends, talking about all things spiritual and healing. From taking your power back, speaking your truth, trauma healing, trusting your intuition and turning a new leaf in your family's legacy. Gurds helps women go from energetically drained to emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually liberated. Find out more at: and follow her on Instagram @iamgurds

Discover your blocks through her Discover The #1 Block Holding You Back Right Now awareness journal on
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Inner Light Project®‬ : New Age Spirituality

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