Innovation in Government Business

Hosted by: Strategic Institute for Innovation in Government Contracting - Few subjects have been studied more than federal acquisition for the development and delivering of new capability and innovation. Since the 1980's the system has empirically and anecdotally demonstrated abysmal performance. The best and brightest have proffered solutions and Congress has followed with polices and mandates to encourage these. Leadership, specifically within the DoD has chosen to ignore these mandates. This is a rare case, where polices are far more advanced than practice, yet the stagnation continues and even gets worse. This podcast is for those interested in solving our Nation's critical technological challenges, by offering solutions, lessons learned, and highlighting the incredible potential of Other Transactions Agreements for fielding new advanced capability. If you are a federal acquisition professional or industry partner we invite you to explore the art of the possible.
Innovation in Government Business

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DoD's Most Important Innovation
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DoD's Most Important Innovation

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