INVEST-A-VISION (IAV) // Define Your Vision, Reach Your Goals!

Invest-A-Vision or IAV Episode 1 is an introduction to a new podcast encompassing the transition or transformation into new disciplines and professions. Many people today seek more independence in the work and lifestyles. Through a series of discussion we explore the transformation process, setting new goals or visions, what it requires in the form of quantitative and qualitative investments and what sort of returns one seeks.
"What is Invest-a-Vision or IAV? IAV is meant to be a platform to be used as a discussion forum when defining visions and/or goals and what it takes to achieve them ā€” the investment part.
Please join us on this journey and meet some inspirational people on the way!
INVEST-A-VISION (IAV) // Define Your Vision, Reach Your Goals!

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