Invest In Her with Catherine Gray

INVEST IN HER podcast, hosted by founder of She Angel Investors, Catherine Gray- features phenomenal female founders and funders. The podcast is part of a multimedia platform to connect women with funding resources.

If you are a woman seeking funding, this podcast is for you. You will learn about the various ways to get funded, meet guests who you can connect with, learn how to overcome obstacles, and discover how funding can be made simple for female founders to understand and to access.

Host Catherine Gray is a Film Producer, Author and Tedx Speaker and champions the funding of women who are tremendously underfunded- receiving less of 2% of venture capital funding.

Each week the show has on guests that are female angel investors and general partners who are women that have started their own fund- and have a focus on funding women, LGBTQ and Bipoc. She also showcases women business owners who are seeking funding.

The show is all about education and connection- providing investment resources for women looking to launch or scale their business.

Listeners are female entrepreneurs who want to connect with resources- which can include funding, coaching, accelerators, mentorship, events and more.

Many female founders find it challenging to find funding. She Angel Investors has created an e course to address that issue – it is called “6 Ways to Fund Your Business”- Funding Made Simple for Female Founders. Here is the link

Women of all ages and ethnicities can connect to learning, events, education and contacts through the INVEST IN HER podcast and the SHE ANGEL INVESTORS platform.

The show delivers invaluable information to those women in business who are seeking funding, knowledge and insights on how to take their business to the next level.

As an angel investor, entrepreneur and a woman who raises funds and helps others to connect to funding – Catherine provides a wealth of knowledge and a large rolodex to connect her guests to funding resources.

Catherine is producing a movie to raise awareness about the underfunding of women and how you can be a part of the solution. She is on a mission to encourage more women to become angel investors and fund managers, and to accelerate the funding of diverse women across the U.S. and around the globe.

Catherine Gray is also the Co-Founder of the She Angels Foundation- that gives grants to female founded nonprofits that are helping women to thrive.

Women and Girls initiatives only get two percent of charitable giving. In both the for-profit world and the nonprofit world- women are coming up short.

Women can join the for a tax-deductible donation- details are on the site- and then once a member – you can enjoy the salons at members homes for free. The salons consist of amazing, accomplished women- and provide complimentary food, drink and entertainment. It is a wonderful sisterhood that helps so many women. We have provided grants the help women of domestic violence get back on their feet, the same for formerly incarcerated women, women veterans and more. Plus, women in Science, Blockchain and more.

In her Ted Talk, “Fund Women- Save The World”, Catherine talks about why women are underfunded. The people making the decisions in the investment world are typically white men- and because people tend to invest in people they identify with, it is no wonder most of the money goes to men. We need more women angel investors, and more women at the decision-making table in order to change this scenario. Her Tedx talk is here

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Invest In Her with Catherine Gray

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