Just Housing

Shelter is one of our most basic human needs. Yet housing, and its legal, social and political meanings and struggles around its distribution, possession and safety, is a concept that can only be fully understood as a historical phenomenon. This podcast series shows how history provides a unique view on how the question of housing is a social justice issue connected to other ones like mass incarceration and the destruction wrought by wars, famines, pandemics, colonial expansion and intergenerational racial, ethnic and class inequalities. All episodes were conceived and produced by students in the course, “Global Urban Histories of Housing Justice” at Columbia University. Using examples from cities around the world, these episodes feature archival and oral history research as they delve into stories that get to the bigger picture about how, throughout the world, the provision of shelter for urban populations has been at the center of urban crises and conflicts, as well as their solutions.
Just Housing

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