Laying Down The Lore: Warhammer Old World

A monthly podcast focusing on the lore of the sprawling Warhammer Old World universe. With tongues firmly in cheeks we will help you to separate ghouls from goblins, snotlings from skaven stormfiends, and bonesplitters from beastclaw raiders ... this last pair was a test, they’re from Age of Sigmar and not Warhammer. See? Laying Down The Lore is the podcast you didn’t even know you needed!

Join Ben and Cral, a couple of self-confessed Warhammer noobs, as they journey into a fantasy institution guided by ageing fanboy Darren as he attempts to distill and summarise 30 years worth of Warhammer knowledge into bite-sized chunks.

Informative, irreverent, and largely irrelevant, Laying Down The Lore will come to be your indispensable guide to the world of Warhammer Old World.
Laying Down The Lore: Warhammer Old World

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Laying Down The Lore Trailer

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