Life In Form with Dr. Amy Chadwick

Life In Form

A podcast, a conversation, an exploration… About what it is to be human and what it is to be healthy.
~Where we strive for truth and delight in beauty.
~Where we honor the unique forms life takes and the reciprocity that is inherent in the dance between life forms.
~Where we delve into patterns.
~Where we tell stories.
~Where we blend science and story, art and language, body, mind and spirit as one.
~Where we stay curious, listen profoundly, and question everything.
~Where we recognize patterns, demonstrated in the most basic and most complex elements - as above, so below.
~Where we discuss physiology as a way to better understand ourselves and we explore tools for meeting our unique needs.
~Where we honor that each person is unique, each imbued with certain strengths and vulnerabilities.
~Where we honor that life asks us to profoundly be us, to be in rhythm with our true nature, to honor our needs, and to be in rhythm with nature as a whole.
~Where we explore that by living in alignment with our true nature and in reciprocity with all of life, we have the ability to thrive as individuals, families, communities, and a planet.
In this, there is deep reverence, infinite curiosity and wonder, play, and exploration. Thank you for joining me!

Dr. Amy Chadwick is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, working with individuals and families, children, and adults in the San Diego area. She also practices telemedicine. She is passionate about life in all forms. Enthralled with patterns, Dr. Amy utilizes an integrative set of tools to put language to the patterns that exist in all of life from the cell to the human body to the communities in which we exist to the larger ecosystem and planet. Honoring the individual beauty, unique expression and intricate patterns of each of her patients and being able to reflect back to them what she sees allows her patients to know and honor their own beings, develop self-agency, and together help meet the needs of the physical, mental and emotional body to remove obstacles to healing, to nourish, and to thrive.
Life In Form with Dr. Amy Chadwick

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