Life Work Balance Podcast with Leah and Paul

Here on The Life Work Balance Podcast we believe in putting LIFE first before our jobs. We genuinely feel that no one should hate their job, feel trapped in a career, or work long hours week after week. We believe that living happy, fulfilled, and balanced lives can bring better results while at work.We discuss topics on Personal Development, Inspiration, Careers, and health as we feel all these topics have to coexist in order to find a balance.We intermix our episodes with a variety of guests who can help educate us on these topics, as well as share our journeys in the process. We are just 2 people trying to find the balance in this wonderful life and are here to share our experience with you all. Our hope is that you all can gain some knowledge to better your life, either from our guests or by learning from our mistakes.Our goal is to help as many people as possible put their Life first! Come join THE LIFE WORK BALANCE NATION as we navigate our ups and downs to the most fulfilled and happy lives possible.
Life Work Balance Podcast with Leah and Paul

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