Managing the COVID-19 Special Education Landscape

Do you have questions about how virtual Special Education supports and services will look for YOUR child?

The Arc of Aurora is following the issues most important to you. Tune into the 'Managing the COVID-19 Special Education Landscape' for the answers to your questions!

鈥pisode 1: Can a school district still comply with federal disability laws like IDEA, 504, and the ADA while moving into remote/virtual education

鈥pisode 2: Will my child鈥檚 scheduled or upcoming IEP meetings be impacted?

鈥pisode 3: Will I still have access to my Parental Rights, like Due Process, Formal Complaints, or Mediation?

鈥pisode 4: What is virtual learning and what does it mean for my child's IEP?

鈥pisode 5: What will next year look like if my child is out of school for the rest of the year?

鈥pisode 6: Now that my child is remote learning for the rest of the year, how are annual state tests impacted?

鈥pisode 7: Help! I鈥檝e never home-schooled my child(ren), what are some good strategies I can try?

鈥pisode 8: How are Charter schools impacted by COVID/distance learning?

鈥pisode 9: How are services like OT, Speech, and Mental Health being addressed through virtual learning?

鈥pisode 10: My child was scheduled for, or needs a Re-evaluation, what happens now?

鈥pisode 11: If my child will not get all the services and supports in their current IEP during virtual learning, what can I do?

鈥pisode 12: Is Early Education/Early Intervention impacted for students with disabilities during the COVID crisis?
Managing the COVID-19 Special Education Landscape

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