Money and Mental Peace - Scholarships, Budget Tips, College Student Loans, Manage Money, Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

Are you worried about how to pay for college? Stressed because it’s so expensive? Are you having trouble finding scholarships, or all you find don’t apply to you? Overwhelmed with all things school and money?

Welcome fam! This podcast will help you find and get scholarships, avoid student loans and maybe even graduate college debt-free!

Hey! I’m Kara, a Christian entrepreneur, amateur snowboarder, and scholarship BEAST! I figured out how to not only finish college debt-free, but I even had $10k left over in the bank after graduation. (& btw, my parents weren’t able to help me financially either!)

During school, I was worried about paying for next semester. I couldn’t find scholarships that worked specifically for me, and didn’t know how to get started while juggling homework and keeping up with ALL.THE.THINGS.

But dude, I learned there was a better way! With God’s direction, I tested out of classes, and found the perfect scholarships, grants, internships, and weird budget hacks that helped me go from overwhelmed to debt-free with $10k in the bank–all with God on my side.

... and I’m here to walk you through this, too.

If you are ready to find scholarships specific to you, learn to manage your money well, and have enough money to kill it at college, this pod is for you!

So grab your cold brew and TI-89, and listen in on the most stress-free and debt-free class you’ve ever attended: this is Money and Mental Peace.

**Get Scholarships and Pay For College Without Student Loans**


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Money and Mental Peace - Scholarships, Budget Tips, College Student Loans, Manage Money, Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

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