My Hobby from Childhood Until Now

Hello buddy, welcome to me, Nanda Ayu Hapsari from grade twelve mipa four. On this occasion, I will tell you about my hobby from childhood until now.

A hobby is something that should be done differently from our jobs. Hobbies refresh body and mind. Hobbies make you happy.

My hobby is swimming, since I was in elementary school I like to swim because swimming is so much fun that it makes my body taller and can relieve my stress when I have a lot of thoughts.

When I was in elementary school, I swam once a month with my teacher and 2 times a week with my friends. back then when I went to the swimming pool I must have walked with friends even though the place to swim was far but I never felt tired because on my way and my friends told me.

but when I was in grade V SD, I was not active swimming because I focused on the sixth grade for exams and junior high school graduation maybe only once a month for entertainment when I was feeling a lot of thoughts 9.

Starting from junior high school, I was active again in swimming because at school there were swimming lessons, although not often because I took turns with other classes. besides that I often swim alone or with my friends.

until I entered high school, I still liked swimming. i also like to explore the swimming pool which i have never been before. of the several swimming pools that I have visited, I prefer a swimming pool in an ungaran area called Singampon. I usually go there every Saturday Sunday and during long school holidays. but when entering the year two thousand and twenty there was a deadly disease outbreak, the name covid-19 virus. At that time all tourist schools, market offices and other places were closed due to the virus. covid-19 makes all activities impossible. which usually I swim 2 times a week now I almost never swim anymore. Even now, I am still online at school, so it is not possible for me to go swimming during this pandemic. I am very sad. I want the Covid-19 pandemic to end soon so that we can carry out activities as usual again without the presence of Covid-19.

so many podcasts from me about my hobbies from childhood until now, thank you.
My Hobby from Childhood Until Now

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