New Leaf

The New Leaf Podcast was created by Host Laetitia for new and working mums everywhere.

Laetitia interviews women from a variety of industries, to share their journeys of what happened to their professional and personal identities when they had their babies, turned over their new leaf, and headed back to work - exploring the good, the bad .... and the ugly, with humour and vulnerability.

By interviewing women from every possible industry, New Leaf鈥檚 mission is to revolutionise the way we look at pregnancy, birth and motherhood - taking the judgment, pressure and expectations out, and put the confidence back in, so that one day we can all say that it鈥檚 my motherhood, my choice - however you decide to do it.

You can find Laetitia on twitter and instagram at @newleafpodcast if you want to continue the conversation, with the hashtag, #mymotherhoodmychoice

New episodes every fortnight.

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New Leaf

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SE1 Ep1: Hannah Howard: Feast
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SE1 Ep1: Hannah Howard: Feast

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