Not Your Boyfriend's Sports Show

We get it. It can be tough out there for women who like sports - you have to know twice as much to get half the respect, and you're not often represented in the action, let alone the coverage. But we still love sports, don't you?

Not Your Boyfriend's Sports Show is a fierce new podcast brought to you by two friends who think sports talk could use a couple more female voices. It's ladies, it's sports, it's ladysports. It's a fun and cheeky look at what's happening in the headlines, plus a feature every episode that takes you deeper into the social and cultural issues sports introduce.

NYBF Sports brings you new episodes every two weeks, plus you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the amusement in between. We're ladies, we love sports, and we want to talk about them with you!
Not Your Boyfriend's Sports Show

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