PCOS and Food Peace

Do you experience PCOS? Well, then pull up a chair and let's chat. This podcast was made just for you.

Listen to interesting people discuss how they got diagnosed with PCOS, the best (and worst) advice they received, and ways they experience health and peace.

Interviews with fellow PCOS companions including Jes Baker, Sophie Carter-Kahn, Ivy Felicia, Caroline Dooner, Laura Burns, Dani Adriana, Chevese Turner, Shira Rosenbluth and Sasha Ottey. They describe their experiences with body image, weight concerns, diets, food, infertility, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADD, ADHD, weight loss attempts, health care, and so much more.

What won't you hear? Another crappy diet recommendation. We know diets don't work even though you've been pressured to lose weight to treat PCOS. There is another way to eat and experience life. We can't wait to share with you how.

Hosted by dietitian Julie Duffy Dillon and dietitian-in-training Kimmie Singh, they are PCOS experts passionate about fat positive interventions.

We hope this podcast supports you along your Food Peace journey. Come join the conversation. We have a comfortable spot at the table waiting for you.
PCOS and Food Peace

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