Pediatrica intensiva: Art & Science of Pediatric Critical Care

Bridging the gap between literature and practice in pediatric intensive care.

Featuring guests from around the world and pediatric intensive care specialists Greg Kelly (Westmead Children's Hospital Sydney), Peta Alexander (Boston Children's Hospital) and Mike Clifford (Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne)

Pediatrica intensiva won鈥檛 tell you the answers, because no one knows what they are, but we can give you a chance to hear respected experts talk about what they actually do with some of the toughest problems in our field.

Rather than having short episodes on a topic, we have whole seasons. And that gives us the chance to go deep.

We really hope that you find it helpful - please listen and subscribe to Pediatrica intensiva wherever you listen to podcasts and follow us on iTunes and Twitter (, share with your friends and reach out with any feedback, requests or comments.

Of course, information in the podcast is not meant to replace the advice of a health professional and is in no way a substitute for the relationship between a patient and his/her/their own physician
Pediatrica intensiva: Art & Science of Pediatric Critical Care

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