Plant Trainers Podcast - Plant Based Nutrition & Fitness

The Plant Trainers Podcast helps you improve your quality of life through plant-based nutrition and fitness.

Adam Chaim & Shoshana Chaim interview top experts in nutrition & fitness, healthy lifestyle, compassion, as well as individuals with their own transformational stories. They are the parents of two kids who share their expertise and personal transformations to a plant-based compassionate lifestyle and beyond. You鈥檒l find motivation, inspiration and actionable tips to help you to get closer to achieving your own goals.

Adam & Shoshana are Wellness Experts, public speakers, authors and nutrition & fitness coaches with over 35 years experience. They help build nutrition and fitness plans for all types of athletes and beginners as well as help individuals alleviate stress in life caused by diet, lifestyle and chronic illness.

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Plant Trainers Podcast - Plant Based Nutrition & Fitness

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