Prodigies: Lessons for the Young Musician

Preschool friendly music lessons that develop perfect pitch and a good sense of rhythm! Host and creator Mr. Rob makes music lessons fun and easy. Why? So that every child can enjoy the benefits of (and art that is) music!

The show uses 8 colored bells (amongst other characters and instruments) to give preschool children meaningful exposure to pitch! Preschool children are uniquely capable of developing perfect pitch due to the deep-brain auditory development that takes place between birth and age five.

By using a color coded instrument or a set of the bells featured in the show, your chid can interact with the shows hands-on. A free eBook for parents will familiarize you with the games and concepts, so you can really become your child's greatest music teacher (even if you don't play an instrument).

Instruments, songbooks, story books, more videos, clickable bells, and a whole host of fun can be found at
Prodigies: Lessons for the Young Musician

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