Reimagining Justice

Welcome to Reimagining Justice - a global podcast for the change makers in law and the first Australian-based podcast shining a light on issues at the intersection of law, social justice and innovation.
Join Andrea Perry-Petersen, an Australian lawyer and social justice advocate, as she interviews guests from around the world who have discovered and implemented innovative ways to update the legal profession while improving people’s experience of the law.
Andrea brings a unique perspective on stories which will inspire you to take positive action in the delivery of legal services for the benefit of lawyers, clients and society.
The world is changing, and the legal profession must keep up.
Legal systems around the world are not meeting people’s legal needs – there is a global access to justice crisis. What are the solutions and where can they be found?
Whether you are a legal business owner or legalpreneur
wanting to expand your market, run a purpose driven business or improve your service delivery model; a legal professional or law student curious about a career in social justice or legal tech (or both!); interested in systems design or proven ways to make positive social change, or simply looking to be inspired,
then this is the podcast for you!
Reimagining Justice

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