Retirement Income Show with Rick Parkes

As a financial consultant for more than four decades, Rick Parkes has been helping people sleep better, especially those entering retirement. He is the best-selling author of "Help, I'm Retiring!" and a nationally recognized financial advisor. His simple formula creates a worry-free retirement, and it has found its way into countless books, magazines, newspaper articles, radio shows, and television programs. As owner of Diversified Estate Solutions, LLC, Rick says he views his job as simple as A-B-C. By helping people find point A and establishing where they are now with their assets, he can determine what they want their money to do for them (point B), and show them how to get there (point C). Rick's formula for retirement success has caught much attention because of its risk-free simplicity, and it all starts with a no-obligation, straight talk appointment at his office. Join Rick as he covers the latest financial strategies and tools to help pre- and current retirees plan for a successful future.

Retirement Income Show with Rick Parkes

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