Rookie CEO

Two and a half years ago, I quit my safe, predictable corporate job, to become a Rookie CEO & take a punt on the little side hustle media business we鈥檇 started a year prior, called Click. Since then, it鈥檚 been nothing short of a rollercoaster. A daily rush of energy & anticipation, mixed in with self doubt & insecurities, stress and pressure and moments of pure joy and fulfillment.聽But being a Rookie CEO isn鈥檛 about the title on your LinkedIn profile, or having a start up, its about a mindset of learning, figuring it out on the way, and a hunger for growth, no matter what you are doing.聽Rookie CEO is my public journaling of the highs and lows, unexpected wins and unintended mistakes & the learning out loud journey of figuring this thing out as I go.

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Rookie CEO

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